Tuesday, November 30, 2010

G is for Gingerbread

The Cherry Pit hosted its annual Gingerbread House making day! Look at these masterpieces! The winner is pictured with her delicious home - what a fun day at the Pit!

Happy, happy holidays!
Jane, the Cherry Pit

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas School, Day 4 - Bells Still Ringing!!

Day 4 of Christmas School!! The girls are having the most fun. We have announced our Spring School and are filling fast. The theme will be Autumn's Grandeur, dates May 9-13. Come join us for a day of quilting fun and the making of new friends!

Happy Quilting
Jane, The Cherry Pit

A Big Ho, Ho, Ho!!!

Two terrific teachers have carried Christmas School to its highest heights!! They have done a wonderful job of making each day a fun sewing adventure. A big HO HO HO to Theresa and Sarah!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas School at the Cherry Pit - Sleigh Bells just keep a-ringin'!

Two days of Christmas School and we are so excited we can hear Santa's sleigh bells ringing! So far 24 excited quilters have worked from 9 to 5 to ready seven beautiful projects designed just for Christmas giving. Wish each and everyone of you could be here for the excitement!!

Happy Quilting -
Jane, The Cherry Pit

Christmas School 2010 - Let the Sleigh Bells Ring - Day One!!

We begin as the first 12 quilters walk through the door, Christmas School, 2010. The projects are hung on the board in clear view. Enthusiastic quilters set up machines, grab a coffee and muffin and set to work. There are giggles and laughs, as the fun of the day gets into full swing. Noon brings a big lunch with homemade ice cream made by Linda. (It is so good!) 5:00 o'clock arrives and a tired but happy group is leaving, projects in hand, and a smile on their face. And we hear as they travel our of our site, what a fun day together and now a good night.

Happy Quilting
Jane, The Cherry Pit

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autumn in the Smokies!

Hope you can see the beautiful picture of the red leaves. Autumn in the smokies, what a wonderful time. The leaves, despite the dry summer, are magnificent! Each season reigns with beauty but autumn with its splendor is by far the most outstanding. (We'll say that until the first snow and the mountains turn white.)

Visit us in the Great Smoky Mountain and stop by the Cherry Pit and let us know how you enjoyed the beautiful mountains. Happy Quilting, Jane

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cotton at the Cherry Pit!

Downtown Sevierville is unique in so many ways. One of the unique things that stands out each summer is the beautiful plantings that we have outside our shops. The gentleman who plants each of the large containers takes into consideration what each business sells. Since we sell cotton fabrics, he plants cotton in front of our shop and it has now burst open to reveal the beautiful white cotton. Thought you would enjoy seeing the beginning product that will end in beautiful fabric in our stores.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Talked to mom and realized that I posted the wrong picture to the blog. Here is Bear Necessities! Hope your week is great!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jane's Banners

Check out the Cherry Pit website. Mom's banners are online and ready to be purchased. There are 12 banners in total. My favorite is Road Trip (on top) and then I love Bear Necessities (on bottom). Check out all 12 and begin making these beautiful pieces today!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here comes Santa and Elvis?

What a great week this has been in the quilting world. Monday began meeting with 18 wonderful quilters here on retreat. They were working on glorious projects that were a great joy to see. Tuesday we meet with another group in the home of their fearless leader. She had a Christmas theme and had her home decorated to reflect the theme. As we were eating lunch, there was a knock on the door. In walked Santa Claus bearing gifts. What fun and laughs we all had. After lunch the announcement was made of their "Quilter of the Year", Renee. Renee has been fighting cancer all year and we are happy to report she is doing well. Boy, can she ever quilt! Hardly had the announcement been made until another knock came on the door and to present flowers to this year's quilter was none other than Elvis himself!!! What a day! Quilters are so o o o o much fun!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So much fabric, so little time.

We were so excited today when we opened the new fabric boxes and there was our Dr. Seuss fabric. Can hardly wait to make our 'teacher daughter' a quilt to use during Dr. Seuss reading week at school.

New patterns came into the shop today. We purchased the 'Audrey Wrap Skirt' pattern which brought back memories of time gone by and the many wrap skirt we had all made.

Have just received in our shop a new quilt top, 'A Graceful Baltimore'. We do have brand new kits ready to go - these are coming to the web soon. The colors are reds, greens, with a
touch of grey. It will be such a beautiful heirloom when it is quilted.

Visit with us in the Great Smoky Mountains when you can.
Happy Quilting,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Every quilter has a masterpiece inside.

My name is Belinda and I am the daughter of George and Jane who are the Cherry Pit shop owners (well, truth be told - mom is the owner and dad is the secretary).

AND this is the first post for the Cherry Pit. Don't worry, mom (Jane) will be writing the posts after this one.

Every quilter has a masterpiece inside. This quote is about mom. She is the shop owner of the Cherry Pit but so much more. She is the person who will say in her great southern drawl 'How are you today? How can we help you?' as soon as you walk through the shop doors. She is the person who will help you chose just the right colors for your daughter's baby quilt or help you pick out the right kit that will lead you on your path to begin quilting. She is the person who knows her customers by name and remembers them when they visit the shop. Her masterpiece is the Cherry Pit.

Inside the store, you will find her designs, walls of fabric, and most impressively an incredible group of women whose talents are beyond words. You should see what they create. The quilt colors parade across the 1930's red brick walls of the shop. Every corner has a project - you might find a purse, an apron, a baby quilt, a pillowcase or a dress. Someone is always cutting yards or fat quarters - someone is always putting together kits or preparing the mail outs - someone is always sewing or piecing or talking about sewing and piecing.

If you want to learn to quilt or have years of experience, you will feel at home at the Cherry Pit. Enjoy the day! Happy Quilting!